Classification of members

Regular members: Individuals/groups
Associate members: Groups (Local self-governing bodies, educational committees, schools and other education-related bodies, etc.)
Supporting members: Individuals/groups (Supporting members are classified into Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze)

Board of Directors

Kazuo Nagano
  Faculty of Liberal Arts
  University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo

Hiroshi Ishikawa, Dr.Eng
  Special Adviser
  NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

Takao Endo
  President and CEO
  Oracle Corporation JAPAN

Shinichi Ohsawa
  Guest Professor
  Department of Culture and Creative Arts
  Showa Women's University, Junior College

Masaru Kurahashi
  ISA Inc.

Hiroyoshi Goto
  LEDEX Corporation

Terumasa Sakai
  Japan Research Institute of Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Norimasa Shimada
  Shumei University

Tsuyoshi Takashiro
  Future Pirates Inc.

Tetsuya Takase
  Vice President
  General Manager
  Broadband IP Services Business Division
  NTT Communications Corporation

Kunio Takahashi
  Chiba Gakugei High School

Toru Takahashi
  Founder & Chairman
  Research Institute for Internet Strategies, Inc.

Toshihiro Tsubo
  Global Commons, Inc.

Katsuhiko Hara
  Subject of media expression
  Mejiro University

Hiroshi Fujiwara, Ph.D.
  President, Chief Executive Officer
  Internet Research Institute, Inc.

Yoshirou Matsumoto
  Creative Artists Inc.

Naomi Miyake, Ph.D.
  Graduate School of Education
  The University of Tokyo

Kazuo Miyazawa
  Associate Professor
  Executive Director
  Research Institute of Information Technology in Education
  Waseda University

Jun Murai
  Keio University
  Faculty of Environmental Information

Junichi Yamanishi
  Executive Vice President
  University of Toyama
Atsushi Yoshikawa
  Senior Researcher
  The Japan Institute for Educational Measurement, Inc.
Shigeki Goto
  Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
  School of FundamentalScience and Engineering,
  Faculty of Science and Engineering,   Waseda University

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