(1) Development and management of program for the development of next-generation human resources

  1. Developing creative, autonomous next-generation human resources Japan High School Web Contest

    A contest where based on the objective of developing Web teaching materials, two to three people form a project team and through the flow of theme selection, planning, research activities, web production, PR activities and presentation, they compete with their results and processes. The holding of Japan High School Web Contest (two categories "for junior high school students and high school students"and "for university students and adults.")

  2. Development of new programs

    We will develop programs to develop human resources with international awareness, programs for considering professional perspectives through dialogues with professionals, programs for understanding the importance of copyright and IP (intellectual property rights), etc.

(2) Promotion of Internet-based educational programs and teaching material sites

  1. On-line project registry

    We will gather from Japan and overseas information on Internet-based participation-type educational programs (international exchange projects and environmental education projects, etc.) that utilize the aspect of links that transcend time and place, which is the greatest feature of the Internet, and will provide information and support to promote participation by schools.

  2. Web teaching materials for schools

    Currently various companies and groups are creating web teaching material sites for schools and children (kids' sites) to encourage use by children. These initiatives provide schools with the valuable specialist resources possessed by companies and groups, and JAPIAS promotes such moves by producing guidelines for web teaching materials and functioning as an information center.

(3) Promotion of Internet and IT use in schools

  1. Showcase of school IT use

    The Internet and IT (information technology) are indeed ever progressing. However, unless those who also use such leading edge technologies can manage to use them to suit their objectives, technological progress also becomes meaningless. And so JAPIAS introduces examples of schools that manage to use different kinds of IT products and services provided by member companies as a reference for other schools.

  2. School IT monitoring & test bed

    We coordinate monitors in schools of products developed by IT-related companies and the participation of schools in test beds of network projects promoted by universities and corporate research laboratories, and provide more opportunities for teachers and students at junior and junior high schools to come into contact with leading-edge IT technology.

(4) Cooperation and promotion of dialogue between education and industry

  1. Internship Registry" linking next-generation IT resources with companies

    Currently, various companies provide internship programs, seeking the early development and identification of human resources. With the aim of facilitating and accelerating such moves, JAPIAS will gather information on corporate internship programs (mainly those relating to next-generation IT human resources) and provide this information to schools and students.

  2. Investigative research and proposal activities

    We will investigate future trends such as the kind of human resources industry (companies) consider will be necessary in future, and how the education sector (schools) will manage to use the various resources provided by society in future (web teaching material sites provided by companies and groups, new IT equipment, etc.), and make proposals where necessary.

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